What To Do When You Are Too Attached To Something Or Someone

So who doesn’t love pizza? When that warm, melted cheese coats your tongue and the smooth, orange grease oozes from the sides of your lips. Ok, I’m getting a bit carried away, but yes I used to be attached to pizza in a massive way. These gluten free days not so much, and I feel lighter (sadly not really lighter but hey) and I do enjoy a chewier slice here and there of bastardized gluten free so-called pizza.

pizza (1).jpeg

In this case I had to let go of my weekly obsession and ‘must have’ feelings regarding this snack food because it filled my guts with excessive wind, and that’s never a good thing and we won’t go into any of the other details. Let’s just say the world is a quieter and more peaceful place because I gave up pizza.

But there are other obsessions that I am still grabbing too tightly to. My hubby for example is a yummy individual but I find as soon as I try to smother him in attention or crazy love, he runs for the hills. He can’t breathe and I don’t blame him. Co-dependency is not a sexy phenomenon. I have tried super gluing myself to his butt but it didn’t work. So I guess I gotta stand on my own two feet.

I guess I wasn’t that secure growing up and you know that’s okay now because I’m still in the maturation process and it’s kinda exciting to feel less unstable and to feel like I’m making steady progress. Knowing you need to work on a problem is the first step to fixing it.

problem (1).jpeg

On reflection, I’ve added a few ingredients to limit my life a little, two kids, two guinea pigs, a dog and …. But strangely I’ve found that the more challenges I welcome the freer and more motivated I am to get things right. Be warned, if you don’t stop holding onto my kids like they’re going to leave home or something and abandon you, oh no, then they’ll be out the door so quickly you won’t see your son for computer driven sparks coming from his tushi region.

So all I’m saying is be aware and cautious of attachment to peeps and things.

However, a healthy ice-cream addiction is a fun, healthy summer-only habit. I’m joking. Yet hubby and I enjoyed the finest Long Island ice-cream recently from the Ice-cream Cabin. It’s a no frills kinda place with more ice-cream flavors than any sane person could ever come up with. I tried their vanilla as I find that’s the way to know if a product is to my liking. It fitted the bill except that it had a little bit too much sugar for my personal taste.


So watch out if you find yourself attaching onto someone and something yummy, too often and too tightly. You don’t want to squeeze the life out of the thing and you don’t want your taste buds to get too familiar with the taste of vanilla ice cream. God forbid if you lost your liking for it. If you ate ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week or so – you’d be craving live, nutritio

us food instead. Maybe that’s a new diet plan I might try?!


Stand up to that small part of you that holds onto stuff with your fingers clasped shut and claws inserted. PAUSE. Say a few strong, yet gentle words to yourself and try to understand where that insecurity comes from, use your CALM, WISE MIND to ask yourself “WHY DO I FEEL THIS WAY?” It’s vital to not allow our Inner Judge to criticize and belittle our feelings. It’s ok to feel wobbly without your teddy to cuddle in bed every night. Forgive yourself for feeling insecure because we’re all supposed to be so strong all the time. BLA!


To be honest, I really don’t feel comfortable in the “I’m the bad girl in this situation” spot but it’s ok. My stroppy teenager self occasionally messes up and I own that. I try to INCREASE my AWARENESS of the problem and behave with a little more CONSIDERATION OF OTHER’S FEELINGS, and WHY NOT THROW IN A LITTLE RESPECT and a sprinkle of KINDNESS the next time around, instead of grabbing on so tightly and turning your object of desire blue.


Indeed, PERFECTION is BORING give me a solid, emotional wreck to talk to at a party any day. As long as they’re honest about what’s going on, and have the motivation to do better. If a friend is struggling, I try to offer a safe place for them to confess their “attachment sins” so that they can ultimately forgive themselves. I don’t always get it right. In fact, I have been aware of taking over a conversation and delivering a monologue on my problems and concerns. Yikes! Ok, I’m trying. Very trying!!!


And of course I’ll forgive a friend too, if I’m involved in the attachment issue. It does snub my nose out of joint if someone tries to steal my ice-cream cone, okay.


However, I know full well that I make bad judgment calls all the time. I tend to be a tad cynical and God forbid harsh in my judgments at times. There, I’ve confessed a weakness to the Universe and I feel better for it.

As a wise yogi said, “Our yoga practice has to be a lot smarter than our old, harmful habits.”

Yoga funny pic Nuts aste!.jpg

It makes me a richer person when I offer support and love to a friend, especially one who is growing and is courageous enough to try and make a shift in their old patterns of behavior.

Screw it, we ALL have WEAKNESSES and we all DESERVE COMPASSION and a lot of LOVE, and REMEMBER in the end WE are the best person to SOOTHE OURSELVES. I have FAITH in you. Keep taking those little STEPS TOWARDS THE LIGHT, keep whispering, “I’m Awesome and I know it” and with the power of TRUTH and love we will prevail. Yikes I’m turning into Winston Churchill!

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I’m trying to write shorter blog posts more often. I hope you like this one. Let me know. Kisses to all.

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