A Rush of Productivity – or Not?

This grand title for my latest post seems mighty ironic sitting where I am right now. Since returning from London at Christmas, I’ve been knocked back by several viruses and have felt lousy. So the productive fairy hasn’t arrived yet.

On reflection, I’m not sure that she’s welcome any way. Sure I have 14 things on my to-do list, which doesn’t include finishing my novel, oops. I feel more secure about these day-to-day projects as I’ve given them a legitimate home on a reminder list. But are these the true priorities that I want to focus on?

My daughter had a run of bad luck too. She fractured her ankle and without a single tear just got on with it . The medical boot was heavy and awkward, but she wore it for a month and didn’t complain. She got the same stomach virus I did and puked all night and never moaned, or cried. I can tell you I did.


My daughter also told me recently that I hadn’t been spending enough time on her and I didn’t know what was happening in her school life. She was right of course. Her grades had been fine so I’d taken her off my concern radar, but she wanted me to be connected and I hadn’t been. It didn’t take much to plug back in, a couple of science project clean-ups in the kitchen, where she distilled clean water. Who knew that water distillation could be done with a pot, a bowl and some ice? Very useful if our clean water supply runs out.

I’ve got spontaneous hugs from my daughter, now that I’m paying closer attention to her. That never happened before.


My son and I have a strong, steady relationship, I let him sneak in an extra bit of screen time and forget to mention this to Dad and he’s happy.

He also had the stomach virus and didn’t even wake us up!

His grades and homework, well, like me, he could be a bit more productive. But he’s a happy bunny rabbit most of the time. He tells hubby and me when we misbehave and encourages group hugs when we’re mad at each other.

So I’m not embarrassed to admit that my kids are my new role models and mentors.

My New Year promises to myself may not have materialized yet, but I’m strangely happier as a result. I’ve managed to keep a clear pathway from the living room to the kitchen and clean clothes on everyone’s back. My hubby’s on a detox plan so I’ve cooked less too. I’ve sat and cuddled him more recently, and it feels warm, cozy and loving.

It’s been a great basic start to 2017.



I’m not promoting a bout of sickness, NO!

However, I can see the spaces between the myriad of leaves on the forest floor.

There simply isn’t a right and wrong, there’s only I’m doing the best I can with the knowledge and past experience that I have.

So don’t beat yourself up about a grand 2017 scheme of greatness.

Stop, tickle your kids’, or your dog’s or hubby’s belly.

Time outs help us regroup and summon up the energy to keep on going. Life doesn’t really get easier, we just need to be kinder to ourselves and smarter. Priorities – well you have to figure out those for yourself. But my expectations of self are lower and I’m trying to make my judgments more lenient. I fail consistently!

I’ll end on a note of gratitude. I’ve learned a new way to fold my laundry. It’s based on the book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” by Marie Kondo (Author)

Maybe I’ll post a short video with the technique, but the fabulous thing about the method is, Ms. Kondo asks us to thank each item of clothing for its service to our family and ourselves as we fold it. This fills me with gratitude and it makes my drawers look lovely when everything is so thin and lined up. My kids’ drawers look splendid for a day or two at least. I hate folding normally but this is cathartic.

I truly believe that my body believes every word I say and think. So it’s great to find new opportunities to spark joy and positive thoughts. So I gotta watch my tongue and get back to healing, growing stronger and taking baby steps with my to-do list. I’ve got a bit of a temper too, so maybe I need to look into that and let go of that sucker and all it’s disappointments. Oh I’ve boundary issues too and I fart a lot and …..


Happy Folding and Positive whispers only!

Amazon link to Marie Kondo’s best-selling book:



My Fabulous Yoga Teacher, Patty Holmes, at Yoga Garden  in White Plains shared these fabulous links with me and I’m passing them to you. Love “The Things I Wish someone Had told me.”

Insight Timer top free meditation app. may spark a daily practice. Give it a try!

Sarah Blondin Podcast: Live Awake – two great meditations – Make                           it Sacred and Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me

Special Gift:  Long Time Sun a special song to give to ourselves, the ones we love.

Thank you Patty!


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