Cheers to the Last Dying Embers of an Eventful Summer


A strange but very welcome series of déjà vus happened this summer. The first major one occurred after a pool party in Long island. It involved my hubby’s work colleague and a massive #dog that tore chunks out of her arm. To keep it short, I hovered overnight in a city #ER making sure that everything that needed to be done was completed a.s.a.p for our friend. I was taken back to my nursing days, but I was wearing a #party dress and felt a little awkward. Despite this I kept a hawk-eye on the doctor as he sewed up the gash. I almost felt heroic except I didn’t do anything except nag him. But I got us out of a place filled with urgent need before daybreak. My friend is recovering slowly after a plastic surgeon patched her up. What an awful experience for her!

How tempted was I to spend my blog recounting a recent #camping exploit in the #Berkshires. I’m turning into the mom in my #novel who “likes clean”. How sad that I tried to control the dirt level in the tent with a tiny and ineffective hand brush. I gave up and went bare foot in the end and stopped showering. My hubby says I’m “not long-suffering” which I’m going to take as a #compliment.

For the second year, our kids left the nest and flew off to summer camp at #FrostvalleyYMCA. Last year I pined for them and wasted part of my free time. This year, the kids barely waved goodbye as we dropped them off. They were already singing and yelling replies to the councilor’s cheerful tweets, (there’s a few bird images in this blog, keep your eyes and wings open.) I’d forgotten what kids were by the time we’d returned home and poured a glass of #wine. The short strange little people who I misplaced also spent five nights away, yes I counted them on my fingers, at a sailing camp where they slept on a massive sail boat on an #historic sailing museum site at #Mystic. How about that for coolness!

What did I do you all squawk while my #kids adventured? Well, I stayed still and wondered a lot and bathed in the tranquil. I dutifully paraded pup on long walks and started #yoga again. Still having some hip and arm issues, which originated from last year’s tennis resurgence. I really should stop pretending to play #tennis. Yet I enjoyed #fun-filled weekly tennis mornings with wonderful players, and I sleep well knowing that I can hold my own, well just about, but I’m a pretty basic, not very serious player.

On a #romantic note, I fell in #love with my hubby all over again because we had time to have fun together and untangle ourselves from the knots that occur during the rest of the yearly grind. We lunched, had dinners, sipped #cocktails and enjoyed the Women’s World Cup Football matches. We chomped on wings while other men furtively wondered why I enjoyed watching soccer in a pub surrounded by men ogling the US goalkeeper. I wish men were a little less shallow, at least ones who like female #soccer.

On a glorious new #Citibike, Hubby and I took flight through traffic filled NY avenues, me with my long dress tucked into my underwear. Three passersby severely scolded my biking skills, filling me with pride. I’ve adored biking since I was a little girl so I spent a magical part of the evening travelling back in time. A stunning #dance production #SleepNoMore literally thrilled us to death after our bike ride. It’s staged in a five-story warehouse with utterly amazing sets, music and eerie atmospheres. Really sexy in a strange way too!

On a relaxing and fun #beach trip to Greenwich we sat and chatted, swam a bit, and the kids dug endless channels and holes that quickly flooded which meant they needed to start again. On our beach trip in #Ireland, I wore four layers including a thermal vest. The #sea was bearable with three dry suits layered; yet #babies ran around naked in diapers!!! They looked a little bluish but they were still #smiling.

Ireland was filled with #funny #family moments that I can’t discuss publically but oh how we laughed. We #cow-herded at dusk when Dad’s frisky young bullocks escaped. The kids adored rounding them up in #cowboy/girly fashion.

The other highlight was my grandfather’s land and how his grandchildren have turned it into a multicolored, musical spectacular. #Stendhal Festival is thriving in my homeland literally. The very fields I used to roam as a feral kid housed at least 8 stages, beautifully located alongside brooks and under trees, protected by tents and sloping hillsides. Local rock bands poured their souls into each song, a very cute drummer from a band called The Easy Street almost bled over his drum kit. There was #burlesque, Donovan hippy stuff, reggae, heavy, electric freaky with awful wigs, funny comedians and so much more. I savored every last windy second of it. (I need to thank my #parents for letting us stay out late and #party until eleven thirty!!!)

Again my world is filled with #Irish thoughts, gestures and rhythms. Retracing my steps this summer has refreshed my spirit. So I return to my #novel definitely determined to carry on. I worked with my favorite #editor at our Frostvalley family camp retreat at the end of August. Mrs. Maureen Grimes, with a sharper mind than any human being I’ve ever met, and an incredible work ethic, is a tad over eighty and soaring high.

#Thank you Ireland, thank you #summer camps, thank you #Nursing, #Citibikes, #Mother Nature and #NYtheatre for enticing me to carry on my journey. Let the leaves fall and my words tumble free.

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