My Gentle Ode to Twitter just in case it becomes Extinct!

Ok, I hereby confess to having a deep respect for #Twitter, and the slenderest addiction. I now have friends to talk to all day long. Loneliness has vanished from my life! I only check my account six times a day and have my tweets directly posted on Facebook. I apologize to my #Facebook friends for all the thank you follow–up tweets. I’m surprisingly polite. In fact, Twitter has made me a better human being.

I visited DC two weekends ago and felt compelled to share my adventures with friends and any foolish interested parties. I posted our obligatory picture standing, grinning-large outside the White House, trying to look like we’d just been in to see Barry. That’s what my DC friend, who works for the government, calls the Prez! It’s super to be on first name terms.

Hubby and I outside Barry's House
Outside Barry’s House

In DC, I admired my clever, successful friends. They’ve just bought their first home and turned it into a place they can relax, feel the light on their skin with feet to ceiling windows and be themselves surrounded by meaningful #mementoes from their lives.

I tried to keep up with the Jones and tackled this #identity issue by collecting a giant leaf near #the White House, its size and beautiful mahogany color drew my eye. My Twitter #biography says I’m a tree hugger at heart. I like to think of myself as an authentic Tweeter.

Yes it is a real hawk and a fake horse’s butt

How can the complexity of the human experience be summed up in 140 characters on Twitter? Somehow it’s achievable by shortening every word and daring to add an allusive #hashtag or two. (I’m still not sure if a hashtag accomplishes anything, but it makes me feel more important and intellectual when I remember to add one.) Apparently, people search for topics of interest by looking up specific hashtags.

So my life is a daily summary: feeling the love today; wet and slimy outside this delicious Friday; gone hunting with Grandma, back with a wolf’s tail between my legs etc. You can see I can conjure up these magical snippets in my sleep. Maybe I love wordplay; maybe I’m a tree hugger and a wordsmith? Maybe just a BS’er as my bio also states?

I hold on to the hope that my journey to be a published #author is uncluttered and that I’ll find a wise expert to hold my hand as I finish the latest draft of my #novel and work on my selection of short stories and blog. Could someone turn me into a writing superstar like #JKRowling? I need to change my name to JA Cartwright or JA Scowling. Which one’s better? I do admire her writerly skills and I devoured #TheCuckoo’sCalling.

I’m grateful to Twitter for the daily joys, the incredible art, photography, the amazing number of unique individuals I have talked to so far. They have bothered to tweet back and often not to sell stuff or push their own agendas but because they like what I tweet. How amazing. Thank you Mom and cousin Heather!

Twitter also links me to a world full of informative #articles on anything from #CellPhoneRadiation, (at night please turn off your cells or keep them away from your bed, they’re a probable carcinogen. Health lecture out of the way- thanks) to the funniest #SuperBowlAdverts this year. All found in a matter of 5 minutes.

The modern world sucks you in, and throws you spinning through the air at a million knots per second. You can #binge watch a series about a psycho killer, a crazed, power-greedy politician, a family who smoke pot or a sexy writer in LA. We share their screwed-up viewpoints and unbelievable, heart racing experiences.

Yet should we keep up with this #new tech environment that we find ourselves in? Tweet our exploits, count our followers, and celebrate when we get our 1000th fan! It’s fine to voice our memorable #history. Let’s declare to the world that we have worth and our opinion, no matter how strange, is of value. Embrace this diverse world and be blown away that we’re born at a time when all this crazy enterprise happens. Claim your part of it, if you have the time and interest.

The two bear bugs I have with Twitter is how much time I spend and that everyone sounds so accomplished. Every writer is award winning or has a best seller. I helped my son write a letter to his teacher this year and he got an honorable mention in a competition. Does that mean I am an award winner? But seriously, everyone is a social media expert, or an entrepreneur, or world-class philosopher. Can anyone be just plain and simple?

Maybe that’s a good enough place to throw down my hat and watch another #vintage episode of #Charlie’s Angels? See, I haven’t given up on the past. Farrah Fawcett’s hairdo hasn’t been outdone to date. May she rest in peace knowing that she lives on in my heart. Mom and cousin Heather share in my respect of her curly ends too.

I sincerely hope I don’t have to learn a new interface in a year or two to continue my social media marketing campaign. #Linkedin is the new happening because it’s all business and advertisers want that. Well I fully approve and love Twitter’s lack of ads. Long may that stay the norm. Happy tweeting!

A Pointy DC monument

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